Super Bowl Commercials

8 Feb

Congrats to the Packers for winning the Super Bowl!  The game went about as well as I could have hoped while still keeping it exciting.  For me, there simply was not a lot of hype to build up this Super Bowl for me.  I have no allegiance to either team, and I very much dislike – to put it nicely – one of the teams.  So, I really did not look forward to this game other than it was the NFL Championship and it was my last chance to watch football until next year.  The game was exciting for the most part, though.  While there were some lulls, it was back and forth with the Steelers always doing something to keep it close.  But for many, the Super Bowl is a national event, not because of football, but because of the commercials.  So this was the first year since I first ran the Statue of Liberty play in my backyard that I was more enthused for the commercials than the actual game.  As a football fan, that is tough to admit.  But whatever, on to the best commercials of the night/my favorites (according to Hulu):

#1: Volkswagen: The Force

#2: Bridgestone: Carma

#4: Doritos: House Sitting

#14: Audi: Release the Hounds

#38: Teleflora: Help Me Faith


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