Slam Dunk Contest – A Joke?

20 Feb

For me, the slam dunk contest stopped being interesting when I was around 11. I guess the last dunk contest I found exciting was the one where Vince Carter won. His reverse 360 windmill, honey dip, between-the-legs from a bounced alley-oop were pretty amazing. I guess it’s just that there’s only so much a human body can do, and almost everything has been done. I mean sure there are guys now like Nate Robinson, Dwight Howard, and Blake Griffin who have just insane jumping abilities, but I don’t think they really innovate. Take Howard for example. He amazed everyone with his Superman dunk.  Not for me.  All he did was dunk with a Superman cape on.  To me, his more impressive dunk was the year before when he slapped the sticker on the backboard some 12- 12.5 feet up.   He ended up winning in 2008 on the “dunk” from just inside the foul line.  First of all, it was not a dunk, since he didn’t actually make contact with the rim – he threw the ball in.  Perhaps this is more impressive, maybe it’s more difficult, but it’s not a dunk.  In this year’s contest Serge Ibaka actually did dunk from the free throw line, but still lost to Blake Griffin who dunked over the hood of a car (not the highest part of the car).  I’m pretty sure it’s more difficult to jump from the free throw line than over the hood of a car.

To sum up, the slam dunk contest is about theatrics, not about dunking ability.  Maybe this works for most people – the contest was sold out – but not for me.  It doesn’t show skill.  For someone like me, the Skills Competition and the 3-Point Competition are the only worthwhile events of All-Star Weekend.  I wish the Skills Competition was expanded, with a competition for each position, not just point guards.   This way we can actually see how skilled the player are.  This probably wouldn’t work though, as it would get long and possibly boring.  Maybe they should just do away with the whole All-Star weekend.  Wouldn’t bother me one bit.


One Response to “Slam Dunk Contest – A Joke?”

  1. ufchris February 22, 2011 at 8:51 pm #

    Deadspin’s got a story that echo’s my sentiment. DeMar DeRozan won’t compete in another dunk contest if it is a “prop dunk contest.”!5767361/heres-what-the-dunk-contest-looks-like-without-the-dumb-props

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