New Company of Thieves

16 Mar

Company of Thieves is pretty popular around these parts.  Great indie sound, very easy to like.  They first gained popularity with “Oscar Wilde” back in 2009 when their debut album Ordinary Riches was released.  Apparently this song was featured in Gossip Girl.  But my favorite song from that album, and the one that made me fall in love was “Pressure.”  I was lucky enough to see them perform this song live at Kansas City’s beautiful Midland Theatre, and I have to say it is possible to fall in love with a song.  First of all the song is top notch, but the effort and emotion they (especially lead singer Genevieve Schatz) put into it was incredible.

On to the new stuff!  COT’s new album, Running From A Gamble,  comes out on Thursday (it’s always good luck to drop an album on St. Patrick’s Day!).  Consequence of Sound has the scoop on the new song/album from COT.  The song is called “Death of Communication.”  I’m definitely looking forward to listening to the rest of the album.

The song can be downloaded here, and the album can be preordered/purchased here.


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