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New Muppets Movie

20 Jun

Everyone likes the Muppets right? Well, I think everyone should. It’s good, clean fun for the whole family. We miss Jim Henson but his legacy lives on in the Muppets, who are back in a brand new movie. “The Muppets” comes out this upcoming Thanksgiving. It’s got Jason Segal and Amy Adams to star alongside Kermit and the gang. Check out the trailer below and get excited!


Tech N9ne, How did I not find you sooner!

19 Apr

As I was listening to Chiddy Bang Radio on Pandora, the artist Tech N9ne came on and caught my ear. Although he has been rapping since 1999, I have never heard his album Sickology 101 with the track Dysfunctional. His flow clearly reflects the name he claims for himself and has the speed that reflects many of the popular artist’s today, but his lyrics, like Childish Gambino and Chiddy Bang, are nothing like that of the mainstream group. His poetry expresses a darker side of humanity, not the shallow appearances of money, women and cars, and never does his poetry fall from coherence. Like Childish Gambino each word is fully enunciated. Anyway, the song expresses the possibilities of reactions a bad mood can have on a person, as well as the stressful afflictions pressed upon humans as a product of our environment. As the song proceeds, his words reflect his confusion as to why bad things happen, and his way to cope with a dysfunctional world. The music itself contains a rock influence with the use of real instruments. It is great! Many of his other songs tell of his struggles with his spiritual search, which is rare in this kind of rap. The listeners can hear the real struggles of a real man. Here is a taste of Tech N9ne and his bizarre hardcore:

IMPORTANT NEWS: Changes to Immune to Iocane

8 Apr

Hey guys, we’re making some changes to this site:

This started as an “all things interesting” blog for us, with a focus on music. It turns out that it has become pretty much a music only site. So, we decided it was time to make it official. From now on, all of our music posts will move to our brand new blog, Too Good For Radio. Immune to Iocane will still be around as an everything else blog. It will be a place where we write about tv, movies, sports, and internet phenomena. We hope you will visit both our blogs!

New J. Cole – “Killers” + pics of Rihanna

16 Mar

NEW MP3: J Cole – Killers

Free MP3: Freaks and Geeks (mcDJ remix)

3 Mar

FREE MP3: Freaks and Geeks (mcDJ remix)

Unrest in Middle East

26 Feb

Hopefully everyone is paying attention to the goings on in the Middle East.  Political unrest, or perhaps revolution if you are more radically-minded has been occurring throughout the region.  Now this is a music blog, so political thoughts will be left out.  I just think it’s important to know what is happening in the world.

When I get up in the morning, I usually check my email/rss feeds/the news.  I use my radio as an alarm, and often I just leave it on after I get up.  A few days ago I was reading about the uprising in Libya when Linkin Park’s “Waiting for the End” came on the radio.  For whatever reason, I felt there was a strong emotional connection between the song and the news.  I made a quick slideshow with this thought in mind.  The pictures are from the Boston Globe’s Big Picture photo blog.  If you did not know about it, definitely check it out – as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  The images are often very moving.

The lyrics, with their hopeful, melancholy tone (from a fairly apocalyptic-themed album) and the corresponding music match very well with the images I found from Big Picture.   I am not trying to make a political statement with this video.  I just think it adds to the effect of the pictures.  For example the lyrics “holding on to what I haven’t got” correspond with the yearning for freedom that the protesters are experiencing.  They desperately want it, but have yet to know it.  Anyway, keep an open mind if you have a strong political feelings on this.

Waiting for the End of Political Unrest in Middle East from immunetoiocane on Vimeo.

Free MP3: Javelin – Tryouts (Brenton Duvall Remix with Childish Gambino)

22 Feb

Free MP3: Javelin – Tryouts (Brenton Duvall Remix with Childish Gambino)

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